The Hinterland Story

HINTERLAND is a residential sim in Second Life®.

HInterland is a group of 6 sims themed on the Orkney and Sheland Islands in the North of Scotland. Using authenitc textures they try to give the sense of space, sky and community the islands are famous for. Explore the cliffs, the hills or sit on the shore and watch the waves coming in. Visit wild places like Hoay? or Shetland Hill ?

You are welcome here. We have tried to build a community based on respect and diversity where all are welcome who welcome others – you are welcome to go anywhere except in private houses – there are no ban lines anywhere in the sims.

As in RL the communities are grouped around the pub?? where there are frequent music nights and rather good parties.

There are two fishing villages with rentable houses – built onto jetties and piers based loosely on the town of Stromness in Orkney.


The islands have always been centres of creativity – we have a number of galleries showing some of the best art in Second Life

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Chade Dagger

Chade Dagger

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